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When Kallie Bennett, a jaded teenage girl plagued by her alcoholic mother and her peers molded out of sheer bubble gum perfection, chases after Alice in Wonderland herself, she ends up lost in her own version of Wonderland, which forces her to face her utmost fears and introduces her to familiar characters with a dark twist Among these characters is Ches, a gorgeous vampire with a conflicted conscience, who becomes Kallie’s guide and blossoming love interest She also crosses paths with Queen Hartley, a manipulative witch who has the power to strip away one’s memories and imagination, which brings a bone chilling new meaning to “off with their heads.” In The Search for Alice, Kallie starts to realize that her Wonderland is just as frightening as her own reality and that she cannot always run away from her problems She must figure out a way to defeat Queen Hartley and return home before it is too late, but she soon learns that escaping Wonderland means leaving Ches behind forever. I'd like to thank Amy Koto for the review copy “"We all have our own version of a white rabbit to chase after down a tunnel to the unknown," he explained."It's just a matter of whether or not we want to take that lea of faith and follow it, or just continue on with the safe routine of our lives" ” This was an amazing read with a strong message for the readers It was about how you look at the world and how your perspective can change the world itself It made me ponder upon my own vision of life.Summary:Kallie, a teenager, has a lot going on in her life I could instantly relate with her One day she follows something or rather someone which she thinks is the Alice(it's still a mystery where Alice is now) and follows her down a hole She finds herself in a Wonderland But this version of Wonderland is a lot different and darker than Alice's She meets a vampire, Ches, which was a unique twist.(The vampire seemed lot like the ones in The Originals/The Vampire Diaries.) Various things happen after that and Kallie manages to save the day and escape from the Queen of Hearts.At last she realises that her attitude towards the world andimportantly herself has changed during her adventures in Wonderland.(that was the best part for me.)Plot: ★★★★The plot was really unique and intriguing since the beginning, but somewhere in the middle it seemed to have lost its momentum But the author managed to recover it There were lots of twists and cliffhangers which kept me hooked The ending was nice with a promise of another adventure in the next book.Characters: ★★★★★I absolutely love Kallie and Ches and absolutely hate Queen Hartley! The character development along the book was cleverly done I'd like to knowabout Mr Tibber and Ches's human life.Writing style: ★★★★Well this mainly depends upon the reader rather than the author The writing style and language seemed simple and easy to read and was fast paced But there were some things that were repeated a few times.Overall: 4.25 stars!This was something very unique for me Most of the times fairy tale retellings seem predictable but this was definitely not Loved the concept of the book besides the Darker Wonderland Recommended to those who like fairy tale retellings and are looking for something different. A talented new author has emerged from Wonderland with a splendid and refreshing writing style Familiar references resonate throughout this delightfully enchanting tale The Search for Alice by Amy Koto is a must read for those daring and curious enough to chase after their own White Rabbit Can't wait for Book Two of the Dreaming of Wonderland Series Bravo Amy Koto !! Synopsis: We all come to a point in our lives where we all feel like we should chase after our own white rabbit For Kallie Bennett, this moment seems to slap her in the face Trying to find her place in life as a confused teenager is complicated by the fact that she has an alcoholic and often abusive mother Her escape from this reality is brought about by her own chase of the white rabbit; both literally and figuratively She is plunged into what seems to be the Alice in Wonderland story straight from the old tale, but we are soon exposed to several interesting and often dark twists Kallie leads us through her tale where we are introduced to a handsome and sensual vampire, a witchqueen with a desire to cut off heads, and partygoers in a smoke induced stupor Kallie must navigate this world of good and evil in order to find out how to defeat the Queen and get back to her own world Her struggle will awaken something within herself that will enable her to overcome the battles of her life in the real world Every choice she makes will come at a cost and in the end she may have to leave the one whom she loves the most.My Review: The Search for Alice, first in the Dreaming of Wonderland series, is a refreshing retelling of one of the best classics we know Alice in Wonderland has captured the hearts of many children and no doubt this retelling will do the same for those children who are now grown up We can look at the main character, Kallie Bennett, and reminisce about our own challenge to find ourselves in a confusing world We have all been in her shoes at one point in our lives We can see that Kallie, like many teens, is at a huge risk of shutting herself out of the world and falling into depression and despair She is alone, confused, and not necessarily the most popular kid in school More than just a fairytale retelling, this story is a retelling of the struggle of a teenage introvert Further along, the tale mirrors issues a teenager has faced or will face in their navigation of life including addiction in family members, shady love interests, and risky party environments Initially the book moves slowly and seems to follow the story line of Alice in Wonderland a little too closely but once the new characters are introduce one is quick to notice their differences as well as confirmation to the original characters Once it picks up the pace we are quickly surrounded by some rather sinister plot lines Interestingly, Amy Koto has added evil twists and characters that we have come to know in dark fantasy such as vampires and witches This makes the tale feel a littlerisky than the original cartoon fantasy we knew as a child Overall, the book does have a few moments in the plot that seem to drag for a few pages but it is quick to pick up the pace again Characters are interesting but could usedevelopment which I hope to see in the second installment of this series, Embracing the LookingGlass Kallie gained a newfound confidence in the first book and I am sure this will be developed in the upcoming This was a very enjoyable tale and has taken a well deserved spot in the Young Adult Fantasy niche.See the full review at I am a fan of darker twists on our favorite fairy tales and this did not disappoint! The story grabbed me right away, entertaining and definitely not predictable Kallie, choosing not to be a victim of her circumstances, goes on a journey leading to growth and important realizations about who she is and what she is capable of Looking forward to the next story! Fastpaced Fairy Tale Fun!I give this book 4.55 stars I like bingewatching TV shows and I was able to basically bingeread this book It dives right into the story which I really like I don't like when books have too much setup and this book hooked me from the beginning I love twisted fairy tales but this book had a lot of heart too.Favorite character: Queen Hartley I love a villain to root for and there was something really wicked and alluring about this character.Ches is kind of like Angel which is not a bad thing if you are a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan He is conflicted but has a lot of potential.The main character Kallie reminds me of my best friend She starts out so broken and is unable to believe in herself because of her circumstances and she is searching for somethingThis really spoke to me and I thought about how much Kallie needed Wonderland or maybe Wonderland needed her Either way, I was along for the journey and it was interesting to see her come to realizations like she doesn't need the prince to save the day and that she needs to find her own selfworth.I am a sucker for books and shows like The Vampire Diaries, Warm Bodies, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and this book kind of gave me that vibe which was a good thing since that is a guilty pleasure of mine I won't spoil the end but we are left with a major cliffhanger and I can't wait to read book 2 to see what happens next Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I am recommending it to my younger sister too who is in high school It's entertaining and fun and kept me guessing I was never bored and I really liked the characters If you enjoy paranormal romance and twists on fairy tales, you'll like this one too Happy I read it! Seriously fans of Buffy Angel have just found their new obsession! New twist on Alice in wonderlandI liked the new twists on Alice in wonderland Can't wait to see the continued story with Ches Would recommend! Fun book Although it seems to be for young teens and young adults , I really enjoyed it (I'm 50!) But I love a good twist to an old fairy tale So many unanswered questuons, looking forward to part 2PS If it makes it to theaters I'd love to go see it😉 The Search for Alice is wonderfully written and a captivating twist on a classic tale Amy Koto has done a great job of incorporating modern fantasy in a way that resonates with her readers I am a high school teacher and I am always looking for books that will engage my reluctant readers I was able to share this book with a few of them and they loved it My most reluctant reader immediately related to the character of Kallie and she ended up finishing the book in 2 days! I've never heard her talk so much about a book before! We are all anxiously awaiting book 2! I adore Alice in Wonderland This book is incredibly important to me I am always very careful with retellings I received The Search for Alice: Book One of the Dreaming of Wonderland Series by Amy Koto as birthday gift from my friends And frankly, I did not expect much from this book But I was wrong and you can’t imagine how happy I am about this mistake This is a delightful book Amy Koto not only did a great job, she gave a new life to my favorite book and I am very grateful to her for that! I will look forward to continuing this story! If I could, I would give this book 10 stars!!!