[eBook] The New Journey (The Idle System #1) Author Pegaz – Stg2bio.co

There S A Single Ambition No Man Can Reject Immortality.For John, Death Was Merely The Beginning Transmigrating Into A New World Granted Him An Opportunity To Change His View On Life.With Power And Immortality As New Goals, He Is Willing To Pay Any Price Unfortunately, There Are Those Willing To Take Advantage Of Him And His Unfamiliarity With A New World Shadows Behind The Curtains, Unwilling To Reveal Themselves, Will Trick Him Into Doing Their Bidding.Now, John Faces An Entire Kingdom On His Own Deceived Conned They Don T Care His Actions Carry A Sin None Of Them Are Willing To Forgive.With The World As An Enemy, John Will Fight To Accomplish His Goals His Path Will Be Stopped By No One.Read This Novel To Enjoy A Journey Of Self Discovery, Ambition And Revenge Inspired By Classical LitRPG, Xianxia And Fantasy, Idle System Is A New Take On These Genres If You Ve Enjoyed Novels Like Ready Player One, Main Character Hides His Strength Or Dodge Tank, Then You Re Bound To Love This Book