{Free epub} The Crystal of NammuAuthor Gianni Perticaroli – Stg2bio.co

Aki is still trying to come to terms with his incredible adventures on the Crystal of Yggdrasil when he finds himself compelled to go on another trip with the magical Sphere of Time But this time Timoteo, the cat who holds a Gaia spirit, is not Aki's only traveling companion In fact, to his delighted astonishment Aki discovers that his friend Lilith is also an Heir to the Superior Beings! Together they travel to the Crystal of Nammu where they encounter Gilgamesh, an ancient Sumerian king who will guide them on their journey to find the miraculous plant of youth that is at the center of of their quest The two friends will have to contend with a scheming, vindictive goddess of love, the hideous lady of the underworld, Gallu demons, the Waters of Death and muchAnother exciting page turner! Il secondo episodio delle avventure di Aki non tradisce le attese Pieno di ritmo e divertente è una lettura davvero consigliata. Following his first journey to the Crystal of Yggdrasil, Aki is shaken and confused He still can't believe that the gods and creatures he thought existed only in mythology are actually real and living But he will have to get used to the idea very soon, because this is just the beginning of his new life as an heir to the Superior Beings In fact, Aki finds out that a very close friend, and the last person he would have expected, is an heir like himself The young girl has the gift of oneiromancy, a gift that allows her to see the future through dreams, and she is certain that something very troubling is about to happen With the help of the Sphere of Time, the two friends will embark on a risky mission on the Crystal of Nammu Accompanied by the loyal cat, Timoteo, and guided by a powerful demigod, the journey will be rife with perils from the Gallu demons to the goddess Ereshkigal, until the truth is finally revealed before their very eyes