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A Soulful, Sexy Tale Of True Love Tested, This Bestselling Debut Novel Began An Exciting Series That Continues To Explore Life S Most Intense RelationshipsFashion Photographer Jada Diamond Tanner May Have Her Pick Of Fine Men, But No One Has Captured Her Heart Like Gorgeous Financial Advisor Wellington Jones From Their First Embrace, Jada Knows He Is The Soulmate She Has Waited For But While The Love She Shares With Wellington Is Exhilarating, Jada Faces Challenges She Never Imagined From A Beautiful Rival, Hungry For Love, And From Wellington S Overbearing Socialite Mother, Who Believes Jada Will Never Fit Into Her Circle Forced To Make Difficult Choices, Jada Learns Painful Lessons About Trust And Commitmentd Discovers The Courage To Celebrate Each Day, With Or Without The Man She Loves

10 thoughts on “Soulmates Dissipate

  1. Layne Layne says:

    Spoilers ahead.I can appreciate a fun, cheesy melodrama now and then, but this is just horrible This is the first of a best selling series by a well known African American author I wish I could understand what people find interesting about it The writing is atrocious Morrison s descriptions are totally redundant Her dark chocolate skin, his caramel hand, her dark chocolate thighs, his caramel shoulders So on and so forth I think she tells about his six foot frame at least six times The BEST part, however, is the supplement at the end which serves as a self help discovery workshop to help you, the reader, find your own soulmate And by soulmate, the story seems to mean someone who will secretly cheat on you with his mother s goddaughter, and then get you to have a threesome with his mother s goddaughter who is really his secret half sister who has been taking fertility drugs to get pregnant with his baby no TRIPLETS and then almost die by running her car into the San Francisco Bay After all of that, of course, you will still love him because you are soulmates Get it Yeah, this book is friggin awful.

  2. Adra Adra says:

    A novel that you read than once., March 1, 2007 This review is from Soulmates Dissipate Paperback I was blown away from the various turns and directions this book takes you on Although the meat of the book pertains to a couple contemplating on taking their relationship to the next level,it provided a spritual context as well I was impressed with minister in this book One of favorite parts of the book is when the minister tells the congregation to pick a incarcerated pen pal to write to This was my first book I read by Marry Morrison I will follow up with her next book titled, She anit the one this spring Comment Permalink Your tags

  3. Tamara Tamara says:

    I really enjoyed this book.

  4. Teaguem2005 Teaguem2005 says:

    3.75 Read this before but cldnt remember Liked it better this time around The fact that they introduced each other using their first, middle, last names, plus still cracks me up but I digress This was a really good read without slow spots Many people really don t understand the soulmate concept but I understand that there are forces out there working against you sometimes that aim to interrupt your flow Just because you find your soulmate doesn t mean you ll have your happily ever after Wellington pulled a weak move on Diamond by saying he never saw her other side Her reaction to the news about the infidelity wasn t worth losing a relationship over For such a suave player like himself to allow his mother to choose his houseguest is just ridiculous Recommend

  5. Pamela Greer Pamela Greer says:

    This is a good book..If you are familiar with Mary B Morrison you know she writes a lot of books and she is a VERY sensual writer She is sensual in a good way, that is very thought provoking to the reader Very tasteful This is the first in the installment of about six novels that centers around Wellington and Jada Diamond This book is just the beginning of a chance meeting that will span a lifetime literally I enjoy Mary B Morrison s writing and this book was the one that started it all The love story of Wellington and Jada should be a movie a mini series at least Good books.

  6. Chella Chella says:

    I was so disappointed The story line had potential I love a good drama, however this reminded me of a very low budget soap opera if there can even be such a thing Can t believe I paid for this book Jada is a beautiful african american woman who finds a soulmate in Wellington As their love blossoms, Jada is confronted with Melanie, a friend from Wellington s past and his monster of a mom Cynthia As she battles these two evils Jada learns that happily ever after is not found in others, but in herself

  7. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    Certainly not the type of book I was expecting to read Based on the title I thought it would be a typical love story Within the first few pages I realized I was in for a sensual, tantalizing story Yay Good Reads thank you so much for this recommendation I can t wait to read the sequel

  8. Naty Naty says:

    Absolutely loved this story Couldn t wait to read the next one

  9. Teleka Teleka says:

    This book was excellent I wished I would have gotten into Mary B Morrison when she first cam out with this book Now I feel like I am playing catch up.

  10. Carmen Carmen says:

    OMG This was a good book I had points of being upset and disappointed especially when Wellington thought that Jada should be understanding of his betrayal Yes he wasn t perfect but that does not excuse betraying Jada How can you love someone and sex someone else This book was full of twist and turns I think people take the term soulmates lightly.