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4.5 5 stars PROVIDENCE is a tale of love and heartbreak, literally and figuratively , infused throughout with a powerful longing for something that s just out of reach I LOVED IT Young Jon Bronson is stolen away from his life and his first love, Chloe He wakes up in a body he doesn t recognize because it s been 4 years since he was taken The only clue he has as to what happened is a copy of Lovecraft s THE DUNWICH HORROR which contains a short note to him inside He soon discovers this book is not the only reminder he has of his experience What is the other reminder Will Jon be able to resume his life at school, with his parents, with Chloe You ll have to read this to find out I m not going to lie, at first I was disappointed to discover this wasn t a book about Joe Goldberg Then when I heard this tale was somehow related to Lovecraft I was excited again Turns out, this tale is actually only tangentially related to Lovecraft, so those unfamiliar with his work need not worry It also turns out that Jon Bronson is a much better person than Joe Goldberg EVER could have been That is the fact that made this book so difficult to put down Look, I m the type of person that loves it when everybody dies at the end of Unite science fiction, missing person mystery, and love story and you have Providence, a novel by Caroline Kepnes.Jon, a middle schooler, vanished on his way to school Four years later, he reappears only now as a bigger, healthier, stronger specimen There are inexplicable consequences of Jon s missing four years.Chloe, Jon s best friend soul mate is pleased when Jon reappears but changes have also occurred in her life over the four years.The interactions of Jon and Chloe are the backbone of this novel They have a deep symbiotic relationship.Add i Part Love Story, Part Supernatural Thriller And Completely Engrossing People From The Acclaimed Author Of You,now A Hit Netflix Series A Dark Beauty Of A Book, Providence Kept Me Up At Night With Characters That Made My Heart A Little Bigger Jessica Knoll, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Luckiest Girl Alive Best Friends In Small Town New Hampshire, Jon And Chloe Share An Intense, Near Mystical Bond But Before Jon Can Declare His Love For His Soul Mate, He Is Kidnapped, And His Plans For A Normal Life Are Permanently Dashed Four Years Later, Jon Reappears He Is Different Now Bigger, Stronger, And With No Memory Of The Time He Was Gone Jon Wants To Pick Up Where He And Chloe Left Off Until The Horrifying Instant He Realizes He Possesses Strange Powers That Pose A Grave Threat To Everyone He Cares For Afraid Of Hurting Chloe, Jon Runs Away, Embarking On A Journey For Answers.Meanwhile, In Providence, Rhode Island, Healthy College Students And Townies With No Connection To One Another Are Inexplicably Dropping Dead A Troubled Detective Prone To Unexplainable Hunches, Charles Eggs DeBenedictus Suspects There S A Serial Killer At Work But When He Starts Asking Questions, Eggs Is Plunged Into A Shocking Whodunit He Never Could Have Predicted.With An Intense, Mesmerizing Voice, Caroline Kepnes Makes Keen And Powerful Observations About Human Connection And How Love And Identity Can Dangerously Blur Together.NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY REAL SIMPLE Providence Is A Novel That Doesn T Fit Into One Box It S Tender And Dark, Eerie And Cool, Heartbreaking But Also An Affirmation Of The Power Of Love Kepnes Perfectly Captures Each Character S Struggle And Pain In Such A Unique, Unconventional Way That Every Page Every Sentence Is A Delightful Surprise Sara Shepard, 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Of Pretty Little Liars Caroline Kepnes Is Cool Right This Minute Providence Is Terrifically Conceived And Executed Kepnes Has An Exhilarating, Poppy, Unexpected Voice The New York Times Book ReviewAn Addictive Horror Tinged Romance That Ll Keep You Guessing Entertainment Weekly Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestMy reactions while reading this book can basically be summed up in a single word Okay Okay Okay OkaySpoiler alert this book was not okay.Dear people who read this book and gave it five stars what the hell Did you get a different book than I did What is this so called brilliant homage that you read, because I got a really lame story about this boy in the friend zone who ends up obsessed with this manic pixie dream girl stereotype who s in love with the bad boy AND a story about this old man whose name is LITERALLY Eggs and his relationship with his passive aggressive wife as he struggles to rectify his cringe worthy resentment towards his severely disabled son and utter denial of his own health problems.Oh, and there s some supernatural stuff thrown in there and the book tries to pretend it s so meta but it s completely half assed Basically, this is a supernatural story the way McDonald s new Szechuan sauce is Chinese food.Also, let me assure you that I did not hate this book because it was not another YOU I get that authors don t want to write the same story over and over again and I don t just respect that, I love that Sometimes it pays off This did Jon and Chloe are best friends who have grown up together in a small town in New Hampshire Jon is sort of an outcast and is bullied by his peers Chloe does not care when her friends ridicule her for sitting with Jon at lunch or for hanging out with him after school Both feel a connection to the other and feel as if he she has finally found someone who gets him her Then one day Jon is kidnapped and not seen or heard from in four years.Chloe has gone on with her life and makes attempts to fit in and be a normal teenager even though her best friends is missing Jon suddenly wakes up from a medically induced coma to learn he has been kidnapped by a substitute teacher who leaves him a note telling him that they did good work and you re welcome Jon realizes he has powers now and that people are not safe around him Jon decides to leave town but not before attracting the attention of a detective who becomes obsessed with a series of deaths that appear to be connected.I know a lot of people are really enjoy 3.5 mishmash stars to Providence.5I listened to Caroline Kepnes YOU on audio this exact same time two years ago THAT was an experience, and if you enjoy audios and don t mind disturbing content, it s the best audio I know When I saw Kepnes had a new thriller releasing under the new imprint Lenny by Lena Dunham , I jumped at the chance to read Providence Providence is a mishmash of genres thriller, paranormal, urban fantasy, young adult and also a bit of a mishmash on how I felt about it More on that later Jon and Chloe grow up as best friends in New Hampshire Their feelings for each other start to grow, but they never talk about it Just as Jon is about to confess how he feels, he is kidnapped by his teacher His teacher has an obsession for H.P Lovecraft, an author of horror pulp fiction, and by kidnapping Jon, the teacher is planning to save the world Chloe is left to mourn Jon and becomes an adult without him there to support her Jon finally escapes, but does so with an uncontrollable superpower, which can hurt the people he loves most Of course he runs away to protect Chloe from his power, but all the while, he is being tracked by a detective I was on board with Chloe and Jon s story Their relationship is sweet, they are likable characters, and I loved that theirs was a girl boy best friendship I found the H.P Lovecraft angle interesting beca 4 Wild Stars Wow This book was nothing and I mean nothing like Caroline Kepnes s previous books this book was a mixture of young adult, crime fiction, the supernatural, and much It was a genre potpourri and it worked because the thing this had in common with Caroline s previous books is it was very well written with some interesting characters I just don t want you to enter this book thinking it is a dark demented twisted psychological thriller, it is far from that although there are some disturbing and demented parts.The book is told from multiple points of view including John and Chloe we met these two when they were still pretty young and I enjoyed the young adult aspect of this book John is kidnapped when he is young and comes back with a superpower of sorts now here is the part that I might not have appreciated as much as I could have because I know absolutely nothing about H.P Lovecraft so if you are better acquainted with him perhaps this part will resonate with you much than it did with me.Our third point of view came from Eggs A detective and that is not my autocorrect that is his actual name Eggs has some demons of his own and is consumed with a case of young healthy people dying from heartattacks he was an interesting character as well and I really liked the growth in him throughout the book how do all these characters tied together Well you re going to need to read Firstly, I need to mention how very different this book is to Ms Kepnes previous books You and Hidden Bodies So much so that I think peoples reactions to this are going to be all over the place Where do I stand I LOVED IT Where You and Hidden Bodies were dysfunctional putting it mildly love stories this is a of a classic love story There is never a doubt that Jon and Chloe are in love and what they will do or won t do to preserve that love Here s the thing.I don t do love stories I don t do romance However, sometimes a book just moves your soul and you can t help rooting for the characters Jon, Chloe, Eggs, Lo I loved all of you I wanted nothing than for your happiness There is a strong Lovecraftian theme in this story but I don t think you need to be a Lovecraft fan to enjoy this I ve read some of his short stories years and years ago so truly my knowledge of him is quite limited but still I had no problem following along to this I m also With Providence, Caroline Kepnes proves that she s not a one hit one character wonder There will certainly be those who dislike this novel based solely on the fact that it is not another Joe Goldberg story, but those people should be ignored Same goes for anyone who bitches about the supernatural aspect You can t please everyone all the time, and I m glad Kepnes branched out into weirdish territory Providence is terrific, from start to finish, and it just goes to show how versatile the author is, that she can write about an entirely new cast of characters and give them all unique voices while maintaining her own voice throughout.And that s something I kept coming back to, time and time again, as I was reading this outstanding book It has a unique sense of voice, and I ve come to believe that I could easily pick Kepnes s voice out of a stack of nameless writings Her prose has a certain readability you don t find in every book Kepnes writes with the seasoned conviction and confidence of a prolific author in the winter of their career Some authors take years to find their voice Caroline Kepnes found hers with her first book, which is commendable and impressive In its simplest form, Providence is a story of requited yet separated love There is no doubt that Chloe and Jon love each other The mystery is, will they ever be allowed to love each other like normal human beings Jon was kidnapped and When the newest book, Providence, by Caroline Kepnes became available, I excitedly requested and downloaded it on NetGalley Her first book, You, is one of my favorites, and her second, Hidden Bodies, was very strong I rushed through Providence this week turning the pages and watching a strange story unfold before my eyes There are many parts I enjoyed, a few I thought were just okay, and in the end would give it about 3.5 stars.Let s start out with a little bit about the story two teenagers are best friends in love with one another but unwilling to tell the other We see why they click and what is appealing in both Then Jon goes missing The book jumps several years later and Chloe is now dating the guy who picked on Jon when they were younger We have no idea what happened to Jon More time passes and we find out Jon was kidnapped by someone at their school, and when he wakes up, he s been in a medically induced coma for years He s physically matured and somehow developed a bit of a supernatural power This is where I got worried I m not a fantasy or sci fi reader, but I m trying to branch out, so this was a really great opportunity to check out another genre.I wasn t disappointed It was exactly what I thought it would be I love how the other worldly talents integrate into the story, but I had tons of questions like a two year old why, how, when, where, what yet I believe it s important as a reader to hold your own questions at bay and read with an open mind