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The holidays are quickly approaching, which, for nineyearold Jimmy, means a whole summer of making friends, discovering secrets, and, best of all, going on extraordinary adventuresOr so he thinks—but when his parents get called away on a business trip to New York, Jimmy finds himself facing the summer alone at his grandmother’s house Great—while his friends travel the world, he’ll lie around, bored to tearsBut his grandmother’s house is not all it seems, and adventure might not be so far away after all Lured by a mysterious song to the attic, Jimmy finds among the old boxes a mysterious glass flute When he raises it to his lips and gently blows, Boston is left behind—and Jimmy finds himself facing the drawn bow of a startled huntsman in a forest he’s never seen beforeAs he explores this faraway land and tries to find his way home, Jimmy will meet strange creatures, new friends, and cunning foes Rumor has it that the king, hidden away in the city of Verunia, has been searching for a favored relic of his lost wife: an old glass flute with magical properties…

10 thoughts on “Otuna's Flute

  1. Jackie Owens Jackie Owens says:

    I decided to buy Otuna's Flute by Maricar Banguis as a gift to my little niece. She is a big fan of fantasy. Magic, adventures, sorcerers and secrets - she is crazy about such stories. I really wanted to please her and make sure that this book is magic enough for her strict requests). I thought that I would look through this book, but I could not get rid of it and read this story from the first to the last page. And I crave more! Apparently, my inner kid woke up in me). But seriously, this is a very interesting and kind story that children and (possibly) some adults will love!

  2. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    Wonderful book. Good and magical story. I bought this book as a gift to my friend's son and he read it with pleasure. I also read Otuna's Flute by Maricar Banguis and I can confidently say that this story will be interesting for adult readers too. I am sure that Maricar Banguis has a great future in literature. She has her own style and vivid imagination. I look forward to new books by this author!