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Separated From Their Friends, Daniel And Crisanta Have To Work Together To Traverse The Kingdom Of Alderon And Evade The Antagonists Who Are Trying To Destroy Them Moreover, They Must Do So While Figuring Out Whether Or Not They Can Truly Be Friends With Their Mission Drawing To A Close, Crisanta S Magical Powers Are About To Be Revealed But Among These Great Truths, She Is About To Discover A Strength That Will Be Infinitely Powerful.

10 thoughts on “Inherent Fate (Crisanta Knight, #3)

  1. Leandra Leandra says:

    MY REVIEW review is also up on my blogWow That was the only word I could think after I finished the last word of this book and put it down This book completely blew my socks off not literally, as I was lounging barefoot in a reclinable chair in Greece, thank you very much indeed This series has without a doubt become one of my favorite series of all time and has never ceased to disappoint me Geanna has constructed a fantasy world so intricate, magical, and yet also so relatable that I can t imagine how anyone wouldn t get sucked into the fabulous adventures of Crisanta Knight Co For anyone who hasn t yet picked up any of the Crisanta Knight books, the first book in the series called Protagonist Bound is about a girl called Crisanta Knight, daughter of the infamous Cinderella She is destined to become a new princess, who should be completely complacent, submissive and above all, extremely princess like This is what she gets taught at her fairytale finishing school Lady Agnue s, and she absolutely despises it, because she believes s...

  2. Nancye Nancye says:

    I love this series The author page says that she is passionate about writing books that will speak to young girls and their potential I think she nails it with these books But I also think that boys will enjoy the stories as well The main character is Crisanta, but her friends who join her on the jo...

  3. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    I really love Crisanta Knight and think she s a great character but far too hard on herself It feels like the whole defining feature thing makes the characters a bit one dimensional and the others, apart from Daniel, seem like they can never do any wrong It was great reading about how al...

  4. Brooke Brooke says:

    I didn t read the first two books in this series but I didn t feel as if I was missing anything It was a funny lighthearted action adventure fantasy book.

  5. Alexa Alexa says:

    This third installment of the Crisanta Knight series keeps the adventures coming, expanding the universe farther and mixing new fairy tale elements into this brewing storm of a story Inherent Fate is an exciting bookend to the first story arc, but Crisa s story is still far from over Given where we left off in Book 2, I couldn t wait to get back to Crisa and Daniel The two of them are like a bottle of Coca Cola and Mentos an explosive, sky high fountain of fun I love how Crisa continues to steadily grow as a character, always learning the hard way and the most entertaining way from her experiences I also eagerly ate up all the little details sprinkled throughout the book about Daniel s mysterious past We re getting lots of great little nuggets and I can t wait to see them all come together.Book by book, the storyline is evolving I m riveted to the mysteries it s slowly revealing It s simultaneously a world you want to live in, but also one you really want to exp...

  6. Riddhi Riddhi says:

    I really love this series.This book had adventure,fairy tales and it was relatable.Crisanta is awesome protagonist and I love her.All her friends are unique and courageous.It was captivating and I look forward to read the next book.

  7. Mindy Mindy says:

    Fairy tale fantastyBest book of the series so far Good balance between fantasy and realistic struggle for main character Feisty girl and pals work to learn who they are and to make things better for others and themselves.

  8. Sarah Dingwall Sarah Dingwall says:

    Great Amazing GrippingCrisa is the hero princess I want to be She is amazing and this is a great series for any age.

  9. Jeri Jeri says:

    A great series about identifying yourself and appreciating your strengths and weaknesses Perfect for most ages Lots of fun characters, lands, magic and

  10. Mia Whittemore Mia Whittemore says:

    In the third installment of the Cristanta Knight series we are reminded in the prologue what a protagonist is, and the troubles our heroine had gotten herself into previously I would completely recommend reading books one and two before starting the third, to have an understanding of the characters, their motives and famous fairytale siblings.We jump straight back in where we left off with Crisa trapped in a Genie bottle with Daniel trying to find a way out This leads them straight back to Crisa s fairy godmother, Debbie, followed by the evil TBC godmother supreme Once this hurdle is navigated the twosome land in the desert, to find the rest of the crew SJ, Blue Jason After negotiating Aladdins cave they finally reunite with the rest of the gang and after a few scrapes end up back at school with a pet dragon.I enjoy the series because its a light hearted spin on the fairytale world, with nods to the current mark two mirror is their version of a mobile phone howeve...