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B More Careful EPub Shannon Holmes Achat Ebook Fnac B More Careful, Shannon Holmes, Auto Dition Des Milliers De Livres Avec La Livraison Chez Vous Enjour Ou En Magasin Avec % De Rduction B More Careful Meow Meow Productions Presents B More Careful Was A Raw And Gritty Account Of What Takes Place In The Life Of The Streets The Premise Of The Story Was Based On Betrayal, Deception And Treachery I Would Have Rated This Book Five Stars Had It Not Been For The Excessive Typos And Grammatical Errors I Came Across Nevertheless B More Careful B More Careful, Bookby B More Careful Takes Sex, Lies, And Betrayal To The Next Level In This Action Packed, Fast Paced, Suspense Filled Novel Growing Up On The Cold, Mean, Inner City Streets Of Balti Is Netta, Leader Of An All Girl Clique Called The Pussy Pound B More Careful YouTube How To Create A D Terrain With Google Maps And Height Maps In Photoshop D Map Generator Terrain Duration Orange Box Ceo ,, Views BCareful Shannon HolmesFatherless And With An Addict Mother, Netta, The Leader Of The Pussy Pound, Relies On Her Body And Her Wiles To Survive The Harsh Streets Of Balti, But Finds There Isto Life After Her Heartbroken Lover Black Swears Revenge On Her B More Careful A Novel Download Free EPUB, PDF B More Careful Takes Sex, Lies, And Betrayal To The Next Level In This Action Packed, Fast Paced, Suspense Filled Novel Growing Up On The Cold, Mean, Inner City Streets Of Balti Is Netta, Leader B More Careful Ebook By Shannon Holmes Read B More Careful By Shannon Holmes Available From Rakuten Kobo Sign Up Today And Getoff Your First Purchase Growing Up On The Cold, Mean, Inner City Streets Of Balti Is Netta, Leader Of An All Girl Clique Called The Pussy Po B More Careful YouTube This Video Is Unavailable Watch Queue Queue Watch Queue Queue B More Careful By Shannon Holmes, Audiobook This Book Is Amazing, I Read It Years Ago When It First Came Out And Fell In Love With Reading Novels Just Like It, All Due To BCareful I Have Recommended This Book To Dozens And Til This Day Still Telling People Who Haven T That This Is A MUST READ Shannon Please Come Out With A Part B More Careful A Novel B More Careful Takes Sex, Lies, And Betrayal To The Next Level In This Action Packed, Fast Paced, Suspense Filled Novel Growing Up On The Cold, Mean, Inner City Streets Of Balti Is Netta, Leader Of An All Girl Clique Called The Pussy Pound

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  1. Brittney Green Brittney Green says:

    Oh how I miss Shannon Holmes and other authors that were out around his timeI wish he would just come and slay the game again This book still is one of my top 5 s I loved everything about it matter of fact I think it is time to re read it

  2. Literary Jewels Literary Jewels says:

    B More Careful was a raw and gritty account of what takes place in the life of the streets The premise of the story was based on betrayal, deception and treachery I would have rated this book five stars had it not been for the excessive typos and grammatical errors I came across Nevertheless, Shannon Holmes is an exceptional and talented writer B More Careful was fast paced I was able to visualize and feel everything as if I was there I admit, I had a difficult time getting through this story The characters and content felt so real to me In reading this story, which took place in Balti, I came to understand the realities of the streets The game is certainly not a lifestyle I would want to be a part of, because of all the danger, backstabbing, jealousy, envy, betrayal, greed and revenge which is paramount.B More Careful emphasized the life of drugs, money, sex and murder There is nothing glamorous or attractive about it based on what I read This story made me sad Shannon Holmes did not sugar coat anything He gave it to you straight and to the point The characters who stood out for me were Black, Netta and Mimi Black and Netta being the most ruthless of them all Unfortunately, there was no happy Hollywood ending either All in all, B More Careful taught me a great deal and opened my eyes to the harsh realities of an world I knew very little about.Reviewed by Pilar Arsenec for Literary JewelsFormat Paperback

  3. Eva Leger Eva Leger says:

    This was hard to finish for me it was very obviously a first book, which I already knew but was hoping wouldn t show too much, and the editing, again, was TERRIBLE Apparently someone in connection with this book appears to believe that the words even and though is actually one word Every time I saw these words in the book it consisted of eventhough As far as I know, and please, someone correct me if I m wrong, eventhough is not a word I just have a really hard time getting into a book when the only thing popping out at me is a mistake I highly doubt I could find a page where no mistakes are made in the entire book Now, I m not perfect, looking through my reviews you ll find all sorts of mistakes, BUT.I m not writing a book I don t have an editor I do however, put forth the effort to write so people can understand what I m saying The poem at the end by Teri Woods Horrible Simply horrible It can t even be called a poem IMO I may give my Woods books away without reading them that s how utterly terrible this so called poem is The story here jumped all over the place, we had new characters we hadn t heard a lick about popping up out of the blue and becoming main players The storyline itself lacked severely I m mystified as to the good ratings for this book I really am.

  4. Camille Camille says:

    The story was good, but the bad grammar made for a staggering read.

  5. Diane Rembert Diane Rembert says:

    Welcome to Balti, the home of the Ravens and the Pussy Pound a female clique that scout out D boys in order to use them as a come up The ring leaders, MiMi and Netta, grew up like sisters due to very unfortunate circumstances and were thicker than thieves until Netta bagged the bigger baller, Black.Black is the man that all the young girls want to be with, but he s chosen to be with Netta but at what cost There are so many twists and turns in this book, that I found it very difficult to put down I realized that I missed classics such as this one and highly recommend it, add well as rate it

  6. Misshaq Misshaq says:

    What made me want to read this book was when I first heard the phrase B More Careful At the time I had just moved to Balti and was interested in learning as much as I could about the city and urban life I picked up the book and immediately was drawn into the story The story pulls you in, I really enjoyed it There is a lot of controversy about Urban Literature or as it sometimes called Street Lit Many of the books published within that genre are not well written, with grammatical errors and poor plot development I do believe, however, that the genre has a place in literature and the stories represent a fabric that is part of the contemporary world we live in Part of what brings me pleasure in reading is being able to see life from different perspectives, crossing across race, class, gender, religion, time periods and geography.

  7. Maxine Livingstone Maxine Livingstone says:

    Read between my mid late teens I remember how fucked up this story was as the story progressed and I had finally reached the end The most fucked up was how the MC realized that she murdered her own sister.I can t remember which urban book it was but it was one of them that turned me off of urban fiction This was due to the fact that all of the other urban fiction books at the time of my reading this one started to be the same with the same ending just different MCs.

  8. Kellee Kellee says:

    I read this book a few years ago It was a great read.

  9. Shelby Harcher Shelby Harcher says:

    B More Careful is a novel by Shannon Holmes that takes place in Balti, Maryland The book provides in depth context about a girl who grew up in the projects of Balti Netta never had much and always had to fend for herself Whatever she wanted, she got all on her own This is book shows Netta s life and the life of her closest friend, Mimi who also grew up in Balti Mimi s lifestyle was a little different then Netta s but that didn t stop them form becoming friends and starting their own group called the Pussy Pound, who s main goal was to seduce gangsters and please them for money and expensive things such as cars and jewelery The book goes into great detail about what it was like growing up in the projects and the drug trade that took place in this area I recommend this book to older teens and young adults who find interest in any urban literature There s a lot of profanity used, and dialogue about topics like sex and drugs Although I am only half way through the book, I cannot wait to finish it.

  10. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    Wow is the most I can say for this book The story line and plot for this book was engaging and action packed The way each character was presented and portrayed made it easy to understand and follow with each character s own personal journey I really like how the author split up the book in the three sections of present, past, and future In the end after reading this book I have questions about certain things in relation to my own life as well as the book How can revenge really effect people in the long run How can jealousy turn the people you once loved into the same people you d hurt And my last question for me is after reading this book, how can I make myself a better person as well as keeping myself away from some of the things that can easily corrupt my young mind such as greed, envy, and wrath This is just food for thought.